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ADHD affects not only the child but also the whole family, homeopathy is a viably and safe way of helping many of these children to lead happier and more fulfilling lives. Annie finds that the parents and teachers are inevitably happy with the result : finding the child they always knew was there underneath the ADHD.

What is ADHD?

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD as it is known is a syndrome affecting a growing number of children, it consists of inability to concentrate, easy distractibility and hyperactivity, each child having their own version of these problems. It is on the increase among today’s children in this country. Many children suffering from this problem drive their parents, siblings and teachers to distraction.

What medication is usually given?

The drug most commonly used for children over 7 is Ritalin. For medication to be prescribed the symptoms need to be present both at home and at school, sadly some GPs prescribe the drug without contacting the school for information as to the child’s behaviour there. This is a Class 2 drug, and if your child is taking one of these drugs it needs yearly re-assessment. All these medicines have the potential to have a number of unwanted other effects.

Why does my child not like taking Ritalin?

Many children do not like like being on Ritalin for long as it makes them feel different, somehow not themselves. It has a street value of between 50p and £3, they may well be telling you they are taking it but selling it on at school. Some children who take it are bullied at school by older children who want it from them. If any of us took Ritalin we would concentrate better. It is a drug that is on the Police list of top 10 for being stolen.

Would Annie see my child while he’s on Ritalin?

Yes, this is possible, although perhaps starting the treatment in school holidays, when coming of Ritalin is easier, might be easier.

What form does the treatment take?

Homeopathic remedies are small tablets that the child sucks, they are easy to take and have a sugary taste. One of the advantages of these remedies is that they are able to be ‘tweaked’ on a daily basis if need be. Annie has a choice of about 20 that she often uses, and up to 3000 that she could use. The choice of which one to use is made after much questioning, both of the child and the parents, and if possible the teacher, including ones about possible effects from past vaccination. She finds that the remedies are always willingly taken by the children.

Are the remedies safe?

As always homeopathic remedies are safe, easy to take and it is extremely rare to have any short term side effects. Annie has seen some amazing results from this method of treatment with many children.

What experience of treating these children does Annie have?

Annie has noticed the amount of children that she sees  with this problem grow alarmingly since she started practice in 1991. She also has a lot of knowledge on the subject having become an expert since 2004 when she was awarded a Winston Churchill Travelling Award to go to the USA and France to study homeopaths there helping ADHD and autistic children.

Is there a book where I can read more about homeopathy for ADHD?

Yes a great one written by Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman and Robert Ullman called ‘RITALIN FREE KIDS’. Published by Prima. You can get this from Amazon

Does Annie do phone consultations?

This is possible, although she prefers to see the child and parents at least once at the start of treatment. Many families find it well worth the effort of a long journey to come and see her for this.

Would Annie talk to our group about the homeopathic treatment of these children?

Yes Annie would love to do this, she regularly gives talks and runs workshops on the best way to treat these children at conferences to the homeopathic community. And she is keen to share the information with parent groups, teachers, and other health professionals.

What other advice will Annie give me?

As well as homeopathic remedies Annie may well give you dietary advice and tips on dealing with effective learning.