Annie Hall MCPH.Experienced Homeopath and Health CounsellorClinic in Ketton, near Stamford, Lincs

Contact me on 01780 767667
or at annie[at]annie-hall[dot]co[dot]uk

Annie Hall Appointments

Appointments are available at the Ketton clinic. Alternatively, if you are interested in using me as a homeopath, but are unable to come and see me then appointments can be take place over the phone, even using SKYPE or Facetime (a free computer use phone line with web cam) if you have it. This sometimes also helps current clients who for some reason are unable to come and see me just now.

Annie takes privacy very seriously and any information that you give, either electronically or in written form. Annie Hall Homeopathy WILL NOT give, sell, lend or rent your details to any other company. If you wish your details to be removed from the datsabase please let me know by emailing me

What does this cost?

Appointment charges (over the phone or at the clinic) with me are:

Adults (age 18 and over):
First Appointment: £103.00
Follow-Up Appointments: £50.00

Children and Babies:
First Appointment: £99.00
Follow-up Appointments: £47.00

Missed appointments: £38.00

Vaccination hour: £98

Hire of travel or wedding kit: £27

Postal treatments: £22

Remedy repeats: £16

Kit refills: £12

Handouts: £1

Once you have had your initial appointment then I am happy to continue working with you using SKYPE or Facetime. This can be a help if you live far away or move. Again once I have met you then in an emergency you can ring me.