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Winston Churchill Travelling Fellowship

Annie with her awardEach year the Winston Churchill Memorial Fund award Travelling Fellowships to about 100 people.

In 2004 I received one these awards in the category of “Unconventional and Complementary Medicine” This was genuinely a ‘Chance of a Lifetime’.

The award was for me to go to France and the USA to study how homeopaths in those two countries treat children with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).

One of the reasons I chose the USA is because there are more children diagnosed with this condition there. The American medical profession has been prescribing these children Ritalin for longer than they have here, so the homeopaths there have more experience of working alongside this and other drugs.
I visited homeopaths in San Diego, Houston where they have a specialist ADHD / Autism clinic, Seattle where there is another specialist clinic, Vancouver, Ohio and Boston.

I also went to France to see how they manage there with the lower doses of remedies than we tend to use in the UK.

I met and worked alongside pediatric GP homeopaths and psychotherapists who use homeopathy over there. In both those countries I gained a lot of experience and tips for treating these children.

And as a result I am now able to give these children a much better level of care than in the past, a ‘best practice’ is currently also coming out of this.

Winston ChurchillFor more information about the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust go to New categories are up there by mid May each year, applications need to be in by October, who knows you may one year see a category that suits you! You can also access my write up of the trip for the Churchill Foundation from that site.