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Arnica Website


Arnica is a support group for parents, led by parents. They believe in a holistic approach to health and recognise a grass roots need for debate and practice, especially in this current climate where nutritional supplements, organic food, and homeopathy are under threat.

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BAHVS website


British Association of Homeopathic Vets. The place to go to find a homeopath for your pet or farm animal. The aim is to get your animal(s) healthy, naturally, and to keep them that way. They have pages of expert advice on how to treat common conditions, provide support during illness and to prevent conditions occurring in the first place. You can search for a Homoeopathic Vet here.

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The British Homeopathic Association website

The British Homeopathic Association

Promotes the academic and scientific development of homeopathy and regulates the education, training and practice of homeopathy. United Kingdom Homeopathic Medical Association is another register of qualified homeopaths.

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Complementary Healthcare Information Service UK website

Complementary Healthcare Information Service UK

A resource centre on alternative medicine, complementary therapy and natural / holistic health.

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Stamford Birthing Hub website

Stamford Birthing Hub

Stamford Birthing Hub. All things to do with pregnancy, birth and those early months in the Stamford area.

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Complete Guide to Infertility and Adoption website

Complete Guide to Infertility and Adoption

Shared Journey provides quality information about infertility, miscarriage, surrogacy, pregnancy after infertility, living child-free, and adoption...

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Helios website


Helios Pharmacy prepares remedies to traditional Hahnemannian standards both for practitioners and individuals.  I get my remedies from here. You too can buy remedies and kits direct from here. You can buy your own First Aid 36 Remedy Kit here, and any other remedies and creams you might need.

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Homeopathy at Welli Level website

Homeopathy at Welli Level

These people run courses for organic and conventional farmers on how to use homeopathy on your own farm. Used and recommended by my farmer clients.

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The Homeopathic Book Company website

Homeopathic Books

Purchase Homeopathic books online from a great local company.

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The Homeopathic Helpline

The Homeopathic Helpline

If for some reason you can’t get hold of me fast, and you need a quick First Aid response then there is always a brilliant helpline. The very experienced homeopaths may be of help to you when it is late at night, the week end, or I am on holiday and you don’t think it appropriate to ring me then, but you need help fast. Just tell them there that you are a client of mine. I suggest you have your kit and any remedies you have to hand. You can also use them to try out homeopathy if you’ve never used it before.

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H MC21 Homeopathy worked for me website

H:MC21 ‘Homeopathy worked for me’

H:MC21 is a non-profit-making organisation set up to promote homeopathy, and to defend the right of people in the UK to choose homeopathy as a therapy within the National Health Service, as set out in its charter. Sign up if you agree.

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Nelson Pharmacies Ltd website

Nelson Pharmacies Ltd

Manufactures and sells Homeopathic Medicines.

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Sea change website


Seachange is dynamic clinical supervision by and for homoeopaths. It is where I did my own Supervision training.

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The Society of Homeopaths website

The Society of Homeopaths

Representing professional homeopaths. The largest professional body for homeopaths in Europe. Search for another homeopath here. Training information also available. Now I am semi retired I gave up my 15 year membership.

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Travelling Homoeopaths Collective website

Travelling Homoeopaths Collective

Provides a Mobile Homoeopathic Clinic and promotes Homeopathy at fairs, festivals and other outdoor occasions. Look out for them at music festivals where they provide homeopathic first aid.

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Triodos website


Europe’s leading ethical bank.

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Vaccination website tries to assist parents in the decision making process on immunisation. Also, see my vaccinations page.

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WDDTY website


Monthly magazine with information about the little known side effects of drugs, etc.

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Weleda website


Manufacturers and suppliers of anthroposophic and homeopathic medicines as well as natural and cruelty free body care products.

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