You are pregnant, congratulations.

Here is something you may well like and benefit from.

I hire out a kit that contains a number of easily taken homeopathic remedies that could well help in the last few weeks of pregnancy, during the birth and in the following early days. For first timers, for further births, C sections, twins, etc.

The kit is designed so that the first remedy you might need is no 1, then the second is no 2, and so on. There is an easy to read and understand couple of sentences to explain if this is the particular remedy to help in any given moment.

Usually it is the birthing partner who takes responsibility for when to use the remedies in the kit; they appreciate having the empowerment of having something useful to do during the process that in all probability will help, and is also easy to use.

Midwives love these kits and are open to parents using them either at a home birth or a hospital one.

Hire of birth kit

Most couples come for their one hour appointment about 6 weeks before the birth.

When you come, you will learn how to use the kit.  If you have a doula, they could come too. And yes, the remedies can also help with planned or unplanned C sections.

The cost includes an hour explaining to you and your birthing partner how and when to use the kit. You also get telephone support until the kit is returned, and my mobile phone number too!

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