Client experiences

Below you will find personal experiences from a few of my clients.

Stories about how homeopathic treatment helped these people may well be of interest to you.  Read them; each one is different from the other. That’s what is so great about homeopathy; how it is so very personal.  These testimonials do not represent evidence, but the personal opinion of some of those I have treated.  As a homeopath, I aim to help the individual to improved health.

Annie's approach

Annie Hall is down to earth, honest and energetic. She is a very open kind of person. She is very approachable but direct at the same time and I felt at ease talking about personal matters. There is no beating round the bush with Annie; she wants to get to the very heart of problems to do her best to help you. Never was a problem created into a big issue nor was I made to feel embarrassed by the topic of conversation. It was everyday chat to Annie who spoke very freely about life without making me feel awkward. I felt I'd chosen a great homeopath who managed to cure my symptoms in a couple of sessions and would highly recommend her to others. (Nicola B)

Strong side effects from my first Covid vaccine

I contacted Annie this time last year after having had strong side effects from my first Covid vaccine and generally feeling very low in energy. I likened the feeling to being like an engine running out of oil... I also had frequent migraines. The homeopathic treatment did not affect the migraines directly, but helped me to regain balance, have more energy and feel much stronger - therefore coping better with the migraines.  Annie's treatment also meant I experienced no ill effect following two further doses of the Covid vaccine.

Annie is very down to earth, easy to talk to and is quick to respond to a call. I appreciate her expertise. She had helped my son, some years back, regain his appetite when he had been under a lot of stress during exams at university.

Thank you for your help, Annie. I will call on you again when needed. (Marie, Louth)

Flower Meadow

Hay fever and migraines

Thanks to Annie’s homeopathic knowledge and her acute questioning and listening skills, I managed to get through this last summer without prescription medication for my previously very severe hay fever and subsequent migraines. I only needed the homeopathic medication she gave me, marvellous. (M. M. Whissendine).

Chest Infection

After suffering with a very severe chest infection, I was left with a sore and tight feeling in my chest. Annie explained that my chest had been affected by the aggressive nature of the strong antibiotics and steroids I had been taking for this. She prescribed a homeopathic remedy and within a few days my chest felt soothed and much more comfortable. I was impressed by the results and shall consult her in the future. Pam W. (80) Ketton

Skin problem

Earlier this year a pink circular patch about the size of a 50p piece appeared on my upper arm. A few weeks later, another one came and eventually most of the front of my arm, from shoulder to elbow, was covered in these patches which gradually grew larger. They were neither sore or itchy. The first remedy which Annie prescribed was Sepia but that didn't have any effect on them at all so a change to Dulcamara was indicated, which, with a little perseverance, worked a treat. The patches gradually faded with the mother patch being the last to disappear.

This is just one of several successful treatments I have had with homeopathy. Thank you Annie. (Linda M. Lincoln).

Treatment of Arthritis

I’ve always found Annie helpful since I first came in 1990 for help with my arthritis. I trust her judgement. She’s helped me during this time to get ease from my arthritic pains, as well as to get rid of my floaters in my eyes. The very first time I came she gave me a remedy called Pulsatilla and the family was amazed by the instant change in me! It’s a great help to be able to ring her when there’s a problem and know that if she can she’ll pop something in the post that will help me. (Joyce M. Lincoln)


Use of Travel Kit

We were going as a family to Egypt on holiday and wanted to hire out Annie’s travel kit. And yes, we did need it. Holly, our 15 year old daughter had a very fearful side to her personality and was petrified of sharks (to the extent of complete irrationally fearing them in the swimming pool). She was desperate to snorkel in the Red Sea, which was part of our holiday, but as the time got nearer she got more and more frightened, to the point that on the bus on the way there she was in tears with a combination of fear and disappointment. At this stage we both thought there was no way she would go in the water.

Suddenly I remembered Aconite which was in the kit. Very soon afterwards, she was very much calmer, and when we got to the boat was able to go into the sea and snorkel for a couple of hours; she described it as the best day of her life. She was so proud at having overcome her fear. (Cath J. Buxton)

Trekking through peru

Trekking in Peru

I recently completed a trek in the remote Lares valley in Peru, which ended with a visit to Machu Pichu, to raise money for Help for Heroes. When Annie Hall heard that I was taking on this challenge she contacted me and offered to support me with any homeopathic remedies which might be useful. After our consultation she gave me some Coca pills, which I found far more palatable than the coca tea on offer, or chewing the leaves themselves. Annie also lent me a fantastic travel kit from Helios which contained 38 of the remedies most commonly used by travellers. To my immense relief, amongst our group was a GP from Aberdeen who also practices homeopathy with the NHS, so I knew that this valuable kit was in good hands and would not be wasted. In the event, the whole group completed the trek without incident, and the only remedies administered were some Apis pills, to relieve vicious insect bites acquired on the last day. I raised £6,500 for Help for Heroes, and I am really grateful to Annie and everyone else who supported and sponsored me. (Jo Winterton)

Flying problem

My daughter dreaded flying because of the pain it caused in her ears during take off and landing. It would be followed by up to four days of impaired hearing. Annie gave us a remedy to use, but I must admit that the failure of all the decongestant drops, etc. we had used in the past meant that we didn’t hold out much hope. We flew to France in the summer and the difference was remarkable. My daughter turned to me when we landed with a broad grin on her face that said it all! Thank you Annie. (Gillian W. Spalding)


I had no prior knowledge of homeopathy before I took my son (aged 3) to Annie. We had been told by a paediatrician that he showed traits of autistic behaviour and I was not convinced that homeopathy would have any positive results. Our first appointment with Annie was highly emotional but also very uplifting. Annie explained the treatment and was extremely positive about my son and what he could achieve. Only six months later my son is a different child. It is as if he has been ‘switched on’. (Michaela C. Louth)

Arnica, photograph and copyright Vilma Bharatan

Bad reaction to conventional drugs

Because of so many bad reactions with conventional medicine, I needed to find an alternative to help me with my health problems. I chose to try homeopathic remedies because it is very rare to get a reaction to them. I’ve never looked back. My general level of health improved and my blood pressure came down enough for me to reduce my drugs with my doctor. Also, my asthma; I hardly use my Ventolin now. The cellulite in my leg has completely gone; you can just see where it was. The homeopathic remedies for angina have really helped. I am very pleased with the result and would recommend it to anyone. I know they would benefit. (Christine C. Lincoln)

Pulsatilla, photograph copyright Homéopathe International

Eczema and First Aid kit

I took my son to see Annie as he had very dry itchy skin. His skin was soon back to its normal ‘perfect’ self. I am really pleased and happy with your help and advice. I have now bought one of her First Aid kits to deal with minor family ailments and wish I had bought it sooner to help with the family’s coughs and colds. Again, many thanks. (Andrea G. Cleethorpes)

After the birth, thrush, bleeding

My experience of homeopathy began after the birth of my first son. Unfortunately, his birth was not straightforward and he ended up being delivered by emergency caesarean. I’d had a trouble free pregnancy and my health had always been good, but following the pregnancy it was poor and I ended up consulting Annie when my son was nearly 4 months old following a recommendation by a breast feeding counsellor. I needed help for two problems:

1. Recurrent thrush breast feeding infections (which were incredibly painful and can apparently occur as a result of the antibiotics used after caesareans). I had had several courses of treatment from my GP. Annie gave me a remedy to prevent recurrence of the infection and since then I have successfully continued breast-feeding.

2. Persistent bleeding which usually stops within six weeks of the birth. Investigations eventually discovered I had some retained placenta, which meant that when my son was 3 months old I was back in hospital having an emergency D and C. Unfortunately, I still experienced some intermittent bleeding following this procedure, but after just two remedies from Annie I finally stopped bleeding when my son was four months old. At the time of my first visit to Annie, I was also struggling emotionally - I realise this is quite normal with a new baby, but my health problems were making things more difficult than I felt they should be. Having chatted things through in detail with Annie, and taken the remedies, I now feel happy and back to my ‘old self’ and would highly recommend Annie and homeopathy. (Rachel C. Lincoln)

Hypericum, photograph copyright Homéopathe International

Adverse reactions

I have visited Annie on several occasions concerning adverse reactions to chemicals. Doctors dismissed my concerns, symptoms and feelings of being unwell with ‘it will take time’, try a paracetamol, or some E45 for the rash, antihistamines might help. Annie listened to my concerns, and considered the symptoms. She was aware that I'd had severe reactions in the past and that I had been hospitalised. With this information, she gave me advice, treatment and the confirmation that I was reacting to the chemicals not ‘imagining it’ as one consultant inferred. Thank you for your treatment and support Annie. (Jackie S. Spilsby)

Treatment of ME

I was recommended to come and see you by a friend in 1991, as I needed some help with my ME symptoms. Not knowing anything about Homeopathy at all, I came to you after visits to the hospital and my GP did me no good.

You said to me on the first visit it would take time. You were the only person who gave me something positive to get me on the road to recovery. It did take some time, but you did what you said, you got me better.

Many thanks for your help once again.

So I’m now 56, don’t drink, don’t smoke, get some exercise with my active job and hobby. Only see my GP every 10–12 years or so, so I feel I’m doing OK. (Karen A. Lincoln)

Hire of birth kit

Hire of birth kit

I have been using homeopathy since childhood, so hiring Annie’s birth kit for both my children was an obvious choice. My son was born seven weeks ago. Annie took plenty of time to talk through all the remedies with me, my husband Ian and our midwife. At one point during labour, I started to feel sick and Ian was quickly able to find the right remedy in the kit, Ipecac. The nausea passed and labour and birth went fine. It was so useful to have all the remedies and simple instructions close at hand in the early hours of the morning! Afterwards I used Bellis for a few days, and the midwife was impressed with how quickly my uterus went back to its pre-pregnancy size. It was great to know we had all we were likely to need in the kit. (Katie V. London)


When my son was a few weeks old, he started to cry a lot in the evenings, sounding and looking as though he was in pain. He was stretching his back and his legs out so that his whole body was stiff and straight. Ian and I looked up colic remedies in Miranda Casto’s book “Homeopathy for Mother and Baby” (highly recommended!), and these symptoms suggested Dioscorea. We were lucky as we had some to hand that we had from Annie for our first child two years before. We crushed up a tablet and put the powder on his tongue, and within less than two minutes our screaming baby was fast asleep in my arms! Even as long-standing users of homeopathy, we were amazed at how effective it was, and quickly phoned Annie to tell her how pleased we were and how instantly it had worked. (Katie V. London)

Jet lag pills

Jet lag pills

Looking forward to a long haul holiday, but apprehensive about what the journey will do to you? Well, say goodbye to the strange behaviours of the body clock / disturbed sleep patterns / feeling spaced out or even dizzy and having the first few days of your holiday spoilt.

Get in touch with Annie and ask for some jet lag treatment. Wonderful stuff!! Take regularly throughout the journey and after you arrive (in short just follow Annie’s instructions) and although you might feel tired, symptoms of jet lag just do not exist.

We have now done three long haul trips to Australia, New Zealand and the Caribbean, all without a stopover, which previously would have guaranteed jet lag for several days. Not with this treatment!! Don’t know what it does or how it helps but it works.

Go on… give it a try. (Barbara and Glyn R Carlton-le Moorland)

Tooth pain

I came to see you recently because of suffering agonizing tooth pain, where the dentist had removed the tooth, but couldn’t get all the root out. The gum was swollen and very hard, and inflamed. My face had also become very swollen. You suggested it might be an abscess on the root and recommended I put a silica tablet in a glass of water and just sip it during the day By the middle of the afternoon, I noticed my gum was feeling softer and the swelling was going down. Also, the pain was easing too. From then on, my face was less swollen and things were feeling much better. I have benefited from many homeopathic remedies for various aliments and, because of my allergies to conventional medicine, homeopathic remedies are my only hope.

Thank you so much Annie for all your help and care. (Christine C. Branston)

Painful knee

After years of too-ing and fro-ing to the doctors, hospitals, taking tablets, scans and operations for my very painful knee, I finally gave in and “just got on with it”. At 45, I felt I’d been dealt a cruel blow as I could no longer do half of the active and day to day things that I used to be able to do, and I hadn’t even tried skiing yet! Because of my lack of exercise, I started to pile the weight on and began to get down about everything. It was after I read an article about alternative therapies that I decided to give homeopathy a try; I had a really good response to homeopathy some years ago so I knew it certainly wouldn’t hurt.

I visited Annie 3 times. Each time it felt like I’d had a really good counselling session and I came out feeling better anyway, but, slowly over the months, my knee is 100 times better than it’s been in years. I can now stride out with the dog and just do my day to day job with far less pain. I even feel I might try that skiing! My weight is coming off too and things are a whole lot brighter and positive. I wish I’d visited Annie when my knee very first started to fail me, but better late than never. I can’t thank her enough! (Danie J. Waltham)



I recently suffered from a very painful bout of mastitis. My left breast became acutely painful and I developed a high fever and vomiting. My partner took me to the emergency doctors and I was given a prescription for antibiotics. However, I was very reluctant to take antibiotics and more so when I read that they were not suitable for a breast feeding mother, which I firmly still am! We use Annie’s skills for our son so I reached for the phone to see if she had any advice. She did, and it was brilliant! No only did Annie recommend a homeopathic remedy and dosage, but she took great care to detail other exercises/compression and advice to do alongside the remedy. I took the remedy and began Annie’s recommendations. Within a day, I was keeping down fluids and my breast was beginning to feel much more comfortable. As requested I called Annie and she advised me further and reminded me to drink, drink, and drink! Within 2 days my breast was virtually painless and I was feeling much better. I called Annie again for an update and reassurance. Within a week I can honestly say that not only do I feel fully recovered from mastitis but I feel so positive to have treated this condition without the resorting to antibiotics, and, thus, not exposing my baby to an unnecessary dose of antibiotics. I’ve been advocating homeopathy and Annie to all my friends and family, and will continue to do so.

Thanks Annie x (Katherine M. Lincoln)

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