How necessary is the vaccination you’ve been offered? I offer a one-hour session where we discuss your options allowing you to make an informed choice.


Babies and Small Children

This emotive issue is best discussed around 25 weeks of pregnancy, but can actually be done at any time. The medical profession is well able to give the reasons why you should have your new born baby vaccinated, less able to give the reasons why not. For you to make an informed choice, you need to think it through with plenty of information. For this, you and your partner may book an hour's appointment with me. If it is tagged onto the hire of the birth kit, half an hour will do.

During this time we will go through each vaccination and the various  issues. You will be able to take a couple of books home on loan to read, and as a result, be able to make your own informed choice, which I will help you to communicate to other health professionals.

Young Adult

Young Adults (up to 25 years)

Vaccinations continue to be an issue with this age group. While still at school, they will be offered Gardasil in Year 8 and then Meningitis C as they go on to college or university. Many children of this age are frequent travellers, and so are offered many vaccinations (see Travel section for information as regards this).

It is important to realise that your child will be offered these without the parents being consulted once they are 16 years old. I offer time and space where the different issues that come up with each person for each of these can be looked at and a suitable response thought out.



There are a number of reasons when adults are offered vaccinations. These range from travel ones to the annual flu and pneumonia jab that surgeries hand out in the autumn.  I would suggest that it is a good idea to work out why you are thinking of having the flu jab. For many, it is because it is offered.

No vaccination is a guarantee against an illness, and for some the problems of the vaccine can be comparable to the illness itself.



With world wide travel becoming more the norm these days, many people are wondering which of the many vaccinations offered to them they actually need to have. I offer a one hour session to people when we can go through their options and discuss them. At the end of this you will be able to make an informed choice. Many people also cover themselves against common travel health problems by hiring my Helios travel kit.

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