The first appointment

A first appointment is always full of interest, both for me and for the client. Different people react in different ways to the same illness and, in order to find the correct remedy, I will need to know not only physical symptoms, but also as much as possible about you and how your symptoms affect you.

On your first appointment, which will take one and a half hours, you will be telling me all about yourself and your problem in a safe, calm and confidential environment. This happens in a caring, holistic and kind manner.

  • During this time, we look at not only your reason for coming to see me but also at other health problems you have that in some way may be connected.
  • We look at what medication you are taking and why, and discuss if it is in fact a help to gaining improved health, or whether you are trying to come off it.
  • We look into your family history and how that affects what your current problem is.
  • I will ask you questions about your past health and life history, how you feel, what you think, what makes you tick.

All this is done in a climate of support and trust. This relationship is very important to the success of treatment as the more I know about what makes you tick, the more likely I am to be able to find the most suitable remedy to ‘re tune your radio dial’, to get you back to the best possible health.

At the end of the appointment, I will give you some very small tablets to be sucked; these rarely have any side effects and if they do these are transient.

What happens Next then?

You will usually return for a follow-up consultation 3–4 weeks after the first consultation. This, and subsequent appointments should you need them will, last half an hour. You can always get in touch with me between appointments should you need to.

Usually the first thing people say when they return for their follow up appointment is “Thank you, I feel me again!” We then discuss how you feel more you, what has changed for the better and what still needs to change health wise. I may then slightly or totally alter the remedy and so we continue until you are ‘back to your old self’ as much as possible and the problem you came with is sorted.

Some people come and see me until their problem is sorted, some use me more like an old fashioned G.P. as and when problems arise. I often treat many members of the same family. The choice is yours. Homeopathy really suits people who are interested in taking responsibility for keeping themselves healthy.

Most Health Insurances will allow you to claim for your homeopathy visits with myself.

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